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Me and my Invisible Friend!

I wish...

7 October 1989
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I am...

~a Dancer
~a writer
~a fangirl
~a singer
~a befrienders
~a guitarist
~a violinist
~a geek
~a gamer
~a scientist
~a believer
~a friend
~a girlfriend
~a big sister
~an aunt
~a guide leader
~an explorer leader
~a bad cook
~a bar manager
~an anthropologist
~addicted to pot noodles!

I also have slight OCD so if there are posts where I am very distressed over something I can't control you know why. It will pass...

Mood Theme

Made by kohler! I love it


Currently I love:
*Stargate SG-1
*Game of Thrones
*Total Divas

These are the current ones but I still love a lot that I used to watch and still need to catch up on. I will get there!


I write. My other journal has all my fics though. If your interested, go to 0bsessed_fic. Its all there.


Any questions don't hesitate to ask. You can reach me via comments or my e-mail/MSN. Feel free to add me: vixen_woo@hotmail.co.uk

Love and stuff...